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Weekly Pantry Box YOLO/SOLANO Organic Farm Grown: Regular, Vegetarian or Gluten Free Options

Pantry boxes include seasonal produce grown within 20 miles of Dixon, and a week's worth of meats and grains to complete your meals all for $100 delivered to your order. These boxes are intentionally packaged to create awesome family meals and they quickly became our biggest selling item since! Choose Wednesday or Thursday delivery. Date at checkout will not be correct. A sample of what the box includes: 2 – 1.5lb packs of Mary's Chicken, 1lb grassfed ground beef, Pasture Raised Bacon, Loaf of bread, Chico rice or Organic pasta, Petaluma creamery cheese, Pasture Raised Eggs, Eatwell Salt or other seasoning option, Tons of organic produce.
Food allergies in the house? That's okay! We have options to choose gluten free, vegetarian, vegan (swaps meats for local tofu, beans, local almond cheese and other proteins). Mark other allergies so we make sure to steer clear of them too! DISCLAIMER: All items subject to substitution for like product or produce. We are working with real farmers and real farm products, that means there can be some variation to these boxes. If you are not comfortable with that unknown, your best option is to purchase individual items from the full list of groceries available in our online store.

Regular $100Gluten Free $100Vegan $100
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